Most of our bikes are the process of evolution so reviews stand the test of time. In fact, some of the changes we’ve made are in response to feedback from test riders and reviewers..

Each of the reviews appears on it’s own page with links to pdf’s of the magazine or website. There may be a couple I’ve not yet updated so click here for latest.

Helius AM Dirt 100

Helius AC MBR 2010

Helius AM MBUK 2010

Ion ST  – Dirt 2010

Helius CC

The Helius CC remains the classic mountain bike with adjustable travel meaning it can be built as a 100mm XC racer with a low bottom bracket height for railing singletrack or at 130mm with a higher bottom bracket for big trails.

What Mountain Bike 2004

Singletrack 2006

Bikemagic 2006
For 2007 the Helius CC geometry was revised to improve handling with longer forks and to give more standover. Full details here

Helius FR

What Mountain Bike 2003

MBUK 2004
MBR – FR LT – 2004
The FR-LT was around 165mm of rear travel making it equivalent to the current FR.

What Mountain Bike 2007


Singletrack CC 2004

What Mountain Bike 2006

Descent World 2006

Singletrack Argon FR 2007


MBR – original pre G-Boxx – 2003
MBR – Nucleon TFR – 2005
Bikemagic – Nucleon – TFR 2005

Dirt 2006 and Products of the Year

Dirt – Nucleon TST – 2006