Helius CC 2007

For 2007 the Helius CC has had a bit of a makeover. The 2006 geometry was a tried and tested design that had always worked well, but with the market moving to ever longer forks, and the typical Nicolai customer looking to fit the longest fork possible, this was raising the front end too much. As such the bikes were feeling too tall for a given length and a bit too high off the ground – it was these characteristics that Nicolai wanted to address for 2007.

The 2007 frame has a lower and longer top tube which means that riders typically ride one size smaller and get hugely increased nad clearance! Geometry has been tweaked as well to allow a longer fork – up to 140mm is now possible without the front being too slack.

Finally the new CNC facility allows some quite cool things to be done with text in the stays and every frame now proudly bears a ‘made in Germany’ mark (this features on all 2007 frames).

We really like the new geometry – it feels much more like riding ‘in’ the bike rather than ‘on’ it which makes it more confidence inspiring on steep and technical stuff and easier to throw around on the singletrack. Of course, our custom options mean if you liked the old geometry you can still have it.

Most of our dealers have now replaced their 2006 demos with 2007 models but there may still be a few bargains to be had on their 2006 demo’s.

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