Over the Edge in Italy

We spent a week in mid-October in Dorf Tirol, Northern Italy, with Over the Edge on our first Nicolai owners week. Illness, injury and work led to a number of last minute drop outs but that just meant more time riding and less hanging around for the rest of us.

The weather was perfect – warm, dry autumn days and the wonderful colours that go with it (plus one day with snow and sub-zero temperatures but we’ll ignore that). Great guiding, great technical riding, masses of good food and lots of laughs.

The mad wood is one of the most fantastic bits of trail we’ve ever ridden. It’s not singletrack – that would be too easy – so there is no one way down which just means the 4 or 5km of rocky, rooty, madness was different every time we rode it . Dark, so very hard to get good pictures , but no prizes for guessing which of the pics on Flickr were taken there.

Andrea and Sylvia also made a video of the week that you can see on YouTube.

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