Looking after your bearings

Please remember that our bearings and bushings are adjustable to ensure that no side-to-side play develops and causes excessive wear.  There’s a grub screw on one side, and a bolt on the other. By undoing the grub screw you can tighten the bushing in the frame using the bolt and remove lateral play as the disc bushings wear.

The caps should be done up quite tight – when the shock is out and the linkage at the top of its travel it should take about 6kg of force to move it. This does not affect sensitivity, there is much more going through it when you just sit on it. Due to the tight tolerences, if you do the back end too tight it won’t cause a problem – it will just slowly wear to the correct torque.  If you run it too loose you risk quickly wearing out the bushings and axles. If you can move the bearing covers by hand it’s almost certainly too loose.

Once you’ve done up the bolt then gently tighten up the grub screw.  The grub screw is just there to lock off the bolt and stop it coming loose so go easy on it or you’ll round  it off.

A couple of times a year it is worth completely removing the caps to check the condition of the bearings and ensure everything is still well greased.  Look after your bearings like this, and stay away from the evils of the jetwash, and you should get several years of out of a set of bearings.

If after doing the above you still have some movement then you have a couple of options. We always recommend letting your dealer do the service work as they know Nicolai frames well and will be able to check the whole bike over (and why not bring them some doughnuts whilst you are there – amazing how much quicker work gets done!). However, we can sell you the tools to do it yourself if you feel technically competent. Current price for tools (fitting/removal tool for bearings and another for the axles) and bearings, bushings and axles kits is on our pricing page.  More details here.  Exploded diagrams for all of the pivots are available from the main Nicolai site service area.

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