Truvativ Hammerschmidt compatibility

We can now offer Hammerschmidt compatibility on new orders for most Nicolai frames. This requires an ISCG mount on a 73mm bottom bracket shell (get your dealer to order “ISCG-Hammerschmidt”).

Hammerschmidt compatibility can be specified for the following frames and as of 2010 there is no upcharge:

– Helius AC/AM/AFR
– Ion ST
– Lambda ST
Unfortunately these beauties have been in short supply up to now and to have ridden one you probably had to be one of those “chosen ones”; a magazine editor. Now Hammerschmidt is ready for the masses and we’ve snapped up plenty of these lovelies. They are available from our stock now!so what are you waiting for? When ordering your frame you can spec with the complete crank gear including shifter and BBU. We can provide the Hammerschmidt All-Mountain version in 170 and 175 mm lengths, 22 or 24 teeth.

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